Who is involved?

Robert Newell
PhD Candidate

Robert is a PhD student examining the potential immersive virtual environments have for facilitating decision-making around marine and coastal resources. Prior to beginning his PhD, Robert worked as a research associate for the Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development program, and one of his responsibilities was exploring creative and interactive ways of disseminating research ideas and getting the greater public involved with the research program. Robert has a keen interest in exploring tools that help broad, diverse audiences understand complex issues concerning the biosphere and sustainability in general. His previous work has included developing environmental education programs for settlement agencies and project leading in Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific.

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Dr. Rosaline Canessa

Dr. Canessa's research interests include integrated coastal management, multiple use planning, marine protected areas, collaborative and participatory GIS, marine geovisualisation, community mapping and, Marxan and Marxan for Zoning. Current research projects include: collaborative GIS using Marxan for MPA zoning; seascape visualisation of Bowie Seamount; place attachment and coastal community mapping of Saanich Inlet, British Columbia; and protected areas and poverty reduction in Canada, Tanzania and Ghana.

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